The Price of Pure Joy is $11,000: YuJet Electric Jetboard Review

Buyer beware: The YuJet electric jetboard’s gargantuan price tag might actually be worth it. Board and water sport lovers alike will thrill at the speed and fun — but there are some notable caveats.

From snowboards to wakesurfing to electric skateboards, I’ve ridden boards my entire life. When I got the opportunity to test an electric surfer, I was stoked.

Fifteen seconds into my first ride and I was filled with glee. “Wow, this thing rips!” I hollered as I leaned into turns at 24 mph on a glassy lake.

The feeling is akin to snowboarding on fluffy powder days. For me, the difference was that I had never had this much fun on the water.

I felt like a kid experiencing the wonder and bliss of something amazing for the first time. The best part is I got that feeling each time I rode it. My friends and family tried the jetboard as well and all had the same reaction:

“This board is a blast and I want one. How much does it cost?”

In short: The YuJet Electric Surfer offers a new and amazing way to cruise on the water. Having that power and freedom was incredible. The $11,000 price tag and 40-minute (or less) battery life will deter most people from buying one. But, if you have a pile of disposable income, or maybe invest in one with friends, it’s an absolute blast.

(Photo/Kurt Barclay)

YuJet Electric Jetboard Surfer Review

I rode the YuJet Surfer as often as possible from July to September of last year and it was pure joy. I tested it on lakes around Minnesota and got a lot of questions from curious onlookers.

In testing, I started in beginner mode riding on my hands and knees just to get a feel for the speed. It took about a minute and I was ready for more. I switched to advanced mode and, once up to speed, popped up onto my feet.

Man Riding the YuJet Electric Jetboard Surfboard on his Knees on the Lake During a Glorious Sunset5
(Photo/Kurt Barclay)

I carved one way and then the other. I moved my feet around on the deck of the board finding how the balance point and how hard I could carve. Then, I crouched down grabbed the front handle, and really leaned into it — it’s so fun!

I kept carving until I went too far and fell in. Similar to a jet ski, YuJet installed a kill switch so if you fall the jetboard stops.

The handheld remote has a cord that leads to a coin-sized magnet. That magnet sticks to the board in a certain spot and it acts as a key. If the magnet is in place you can start the board and ride.

But, if you fall off the magnet detaches and the board stops. And of course, the board comes with an ankle leash so it doesn’t drift too far away from you.

YuJet Electric Jetboard Surfboard Hand Remote Sitting on the Board
(Photo/Kurt Barclay)

Getting back on the board was easy for me and I imagine most could do it without too much difficulty. When the board isn’t moving it’s not very stable and it takes a lot of balance to just stand on it in the water.

But once on the board, it’s easiest to get on your hands and knees and attach the magnetic kill switch, reconnect the controller, and start riding again. Once you get going the board is far more stable and it’s much easier to stand up.

YuJet Electric Surfboard Specs & Details

The jetboard is carbon fiber and has a large slot for the battery, which is easy to install. It has 4 handles to help carry it and to help you get low and lean into carves. The board alone weighs 44 lbs. and the battery weighs 34 lbs. I always carried them to the water on two separate trips to make things a little easier.

The YuJet electric Jetboard is 7’10” long. For this review, I transported it both on a Thule SUP Taxi and I was able to fit it in my Jeep Grand Cherokee when I folded the passenger and back seats down.

It was easy to haul in longer vehicles like Suburbans or trucks. I was also able to fit it in a pontoon boat for some added fun on Labor Day weekend.

The battery has a comfy grab handle and drops into the surfer to power the jet. It has a 30-40 min run-time depending on how fast you’re going, taking, breaks, wipeouts, etc. The battery takes about 2 hours to charge on the included charging box. Additional batteries are available — for $3,150 a pop!

Putting the Battery into the YuJet Electric Jetboard Surfboard
(Photo/Kurt Barclay)

The jet is similar to the ones on a personal watercraft but electric. I was able to run it in fairly shallow water (about 3 feet) without problem, but it’s always best to be careful in the shallows.

If you happen to ride through any seaweeds, they can get caught in the jet. Once, I noticed the speed slowed down quite a bit so I hopped off to unclog the grate and jet. It worked great again after.

To control the speed and monitor the battery you use a handheld remote with a trigger for speed and a button to turn it on/off and control the modes. The battery indicator on my remote wasn’t always accurate for me. The remote does vibrate when the battery gets low so I relied on that as my indicator on when to head home.

It comes with 4 fins that easily slide into their slots. I started with 4 but came to prefer a 2-fin configuration for better carving. Also worth noting: I tested the jetboard in freshwater lakes but it can be used in saltwater as well.

Installing the Fins on the YuJet Electric Jetboard Surfboard
(Photo/Kurt Barclay)

Electric Jetboard Drawbacks

The eye-watering price is the most obvious. If you can afford it, I’m happy for you — because riding it is pure joy.

The relatively short battery life is a bummer; 30-40 min is enough for 1 rider or even 2 people if you’re willing to take turns. Any more people than that, and the ride is too short.

I took it out on a windy day in rough water for Minnesota, (probably 8- to 12-inch waves) and it was a lot more difficult to ride and far less fun.

As the battery life decreases, the surfer gets slower and slower. The best riding by far is right at the beginning. By the end, even on advanced mode, it’s noticeably slower. It’s still fun, but once you’ve felt the rush of the highest speed it’s hard to go back.

Man Charging YuJet Electric Jetboard Surfer on the Shore


I acknowledge this product isn’t for everyone due to the price alone, but it sure is fun. I get happy just thinking about riding it.

YuJet does offer a more durable rotomolded version (compared to pricey carbon fiber) in the Surfer XT for a cool $9,999. If you can afford it and want the thrill of gliding across the water at high speed, this electric jetboard will do the trick.

Check Price at YuJetCheck Surfer XT Price at YuJet

Man Carrying the YuJet Electric Jetboard Surfboard out of the Lake
(Photo/Kurt Barclay)
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