Special Edition REI x Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer

Outdoor industry leader REI teams up with RV industry icon Airstream to create a one-of-a-kind, adventure-ready travel trailer.

REI continues to pursue investment in “vehicle-supported camping adventures.” Their latest foray into this space is by teaming up with RV manufacturer Airstream to make a special edition Basecamp travel trailer. Maureen Estep, Strategic Brand Partnerships at REI, says this partnership is “bridging the gap between car camping and overlanding.”


This special edition travel trailer is based on Airstream’s Basecamp 16. Besides the basic layout and construction, the trailer has been upgraded with a full host of exclusive features, complimentary products, and optional upgrades for life on the road less traveled.

“REI has seen an expansion of the types of products people are buying and the ways in which people are camping, particularly from a rising customer segment that is younger, more diverse, and more spontaneous,” adds Isabelle Portilla, divisional vice president, REI Co-op brands product strategy and design.

“These customers like camping at their own pace, consider themselves to be self-sufficient, and appreciate the ability to personalize their experience. This special-edition travel trailer collaboration is a great solution for vehicle-supported camping that enables a comfortable and personal experience, whether they enjoy booking Hipcamp reservations, or being self-sustained at a more remote location.”

Airstream Basecamp Trailer

REI Airstream Basecamp

Starting with the 16-foot Basecamp trailer the REI Special Editon version gets Airstream’s X-Package. The X-Package includes a 3-inch lift, front rock guards, solar window guards, and A/T tires.

This version of the trailer also gets exclusive aluminum black wheels with chrome detailing. Combined, these upgrades help make the trailer ready for gravel roads, forest roads, easy two-track, and the like, but for sure still not ready for serious off-road terrain.

The Basecamp 16 was chosen for this collaboration project because of its nimble adventure-ready size and because it is the most aerodynamic Airstream model — recently verified in wind tunnel testing — which also means the most fuel efficient.

It was also chosen because it can be tweed by a wide range of vehicles, including many crossovers. The base weight of this special edition trailer is only 2,700 pounds, and it has a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,500 pounds.

REI Airstream Basecamp

This travel trailer has both a side entry door and a rear hatch, with the rear hatch being a generous 26″ x 46″. This setup is specifically designed to allow you to load the camper with bicycles and other adventure gear in the rear while still being able to access the full wet bathroom and galley up front.

You get a full shower, toilet, sink, two-burner stove, and 21 gallons of fresh water with the Airstream Basecamp trailer. You also get fully insulated piping and 12-volt tank heaters for year-round use.

The interior layout is super versatile and configurable to haul bulky gear, provide indoor relaxation space, and a 76×76-inch bed space. It’s also a pretty cozy space for a remote office while providing a panoramic view out of the plentiful large windows.

REI Airstream Basecamp

REI x Airstream Basecamp Trailer Features

What sets this REI Special Edition trailer apart from other Airstream Basecamp trailers is a focus on sustainable construction, a few key upgrades, and a full complement of REI outdoor gear.

You’ll also notice a host of New Spruce color accents throughout the trailer, and on special edition REI badging.

REI Airstream Basecamp


The interior construction of the camper was designed with sustainability in mind.

The cabinets are made of exposed birch-ply, which is made of sustainably sourced wood. The durable stain-resistant upholstery, laminates, and even the sink insert cutting board are all made of recycled materials.

The floor is also designed to take a beating and be easy to clean out. The raised coin flooring provides a textured, slip-resistant surface.

REI Airstream Basecamp

Key Upgrades

Next, let’s first dive into the exclusive upgrades over a base Airstream Basecamp trailer.

Exclusive Standard Features

  • UV-LED and pre-filter water purification system
  • Recirculating water heater (water stays in tank until the correct temp, on-demand hot water system)
  • L-track throughout
  • REI Kit: 25-piece complimentary accessory package
  • Aluminum black wheels with chrome detailing

Exclusive Optional Features

  • 360 watts of flexible rooftop solar panels and a 200Ah battery bank
  • Composting toilet

All of these upgrades are designed to help keep you out adventuring off the grid longer and more comfortably.

REI Airstream Basecamp

Included REI Outdoor Gear

Unlike most RV trailers, this REI Airstream Basecamp special edition comes fully outfitted with all the camping gear you’ll want on your next adventure. The 25-piece REI product kit includes things like camp chairs, kitchen gear, and storage containers.

The included REI Pack-Away Cubes even fit perfectly in the overhead storage racks and cubbies in the trailer, making it super simple to load up the trailer quickly and hit the road.

REI Airstream Basecamp
locking storage; (photo/Airstream)

From lights to soap, to clotheslines, and more there really isn’t much else you’ll need to outfit this REI Basecamp trailer. Grab some friends, tasty food and beverage, fill up with water, and load up the bikes, SUPsetc., and you’re ready for action.

25-Piece REI Product Kit

REI Airstream Basecamp

REI x Airstream Trailer: Pricing & Availability

The base price for the REI x Airstream trailer is $52,900. It will no doubt get quite a bit more expensive than that if you add optional upgrades like a microwave or air conditioning.

Authorized Airstream dealers — about 70 nationwide — start taking orders today. These REI special edition trailers might even already be in stock at some dealers, but early orders are expected to ship to customers in late August and September.

REI Airstream Basecamp

We were also told that “REI Co-op members will receive advanced email communication on launch morning (July 28th). Airstream dealers will prioritize inquiries from (REI) Co-op members before fulfilling other order requests.”

On top of that priority, Co-op members will have the chance to win one of these impressive travel trailers in a social media sweepstakes running from August 8 through September 5 — members will be able to enter the sweepstakes by an entry form on REI.com.

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