Today’s Pet Food Recalls – Dogster

If you go on the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine website, you’ll find dozens of pet food recalls just from the past year. For example, in 2021, media organizations across the country reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that more than 130 deaths in dogs occurred and hundreds of other pups got … Read more

The Basics & Navigating the Unknown

Welcome to a new weekly series on off-roading and overlanding, sponsored by onX Offroad. This series will cover a number of topics including reviews of off-road/overlanding gear and components, recovery techniques and tips, and adventure planning. If you want to see a topic covered or an item reviewed, let us know in the comments and … Read more

Sony releases new two-channel audio receiver with Multi Interface hotshoe support: Digital Photography Review

Sony has announced the release of the URX-P41D, a new two-channel portable audio receiver that works with Sony’s Multi Interface (MI) hotshoe found on its select Alpha, Cinema Line and XDCAM cameras. The receiver is can be paired with two wireless microphones and even has an extra on-board 3.5mm jack for connecting a third microphone … Read more

Cutting-Edge Procedures & Products at Your Vet’s Office – Dogster

Veterinary medicine has always been at the forefront of technological advances. The medical care your dog receives today rivals that of most humans. Cutting-edge procedures and products promise not only to treat illness and extend longevity but improve our canines’ quality of life. Here are eight high-tech breakthroughs I think every dog ​​parent should know … Read more

The Scandal That’s Ruining the Photograpic Industry

Have you noticed the bigotry towards women in the photographic industry? It’s there and I feel partly to blame. But some camera manufacturers and big photography businesses are the worst offenders. Some while ago, I was approached by a moderately well-known photography business here in the UK. They wanted me to become a brand representative. … Read more

Shotshell Review: Winchester Bismuth | Outdoor Life

Winchester is one the last major ammo houses to deliver a bismuth load, but their new waterfowl offering, Winchester Bismuth, seems to be worth the wait. The shotshell patterns closer to the old lead loads duck hunters were allowed to shoot prior to the lead shot ban. Winchester Bismuth will be attractive to duck hunters … Read more

Can’t-Miss Camping Tips – Dogster

There is little better than sharing the great outdoors with our dogs — sleeping under the stars, enjoying the warmth and camaraderie shared around the campfire. But, dogs enjoy routines and the familiar. Going camping with dogs, unless you do it a lot, is not routine, and the environments are always filled with many different … Read more

How to Grow Astilbe in Containers

Astilbealso known as “false spirea,” is a genus of flowering perennials that feature plumes of red, pink, or white flowers. You can easily grow them in containers to add a touch of color to a shady patio or deck. We link to vendors to help you find relevant products. If you buy from one of … Read more