Cityscape Photography Made Easy: 3 Simple Tips

Photographing the busy city doesn’t have to be complicated. If you don’t have filters and other specialized tools for landscape and cityscape photography, here are some tips to do it with ease. Shooting landscapes in the urban setting has a unique charm of its own. While the weather and lighting environment affect it similarly to … Read more

A Unique Remedy For Joint Pain

Most dogs love to run around and play as much as possible, but joint problems can get in the way of that joy. While senior dogs are the most at risk for joint inflammation, dogs of all ages could face mobility issues. Giving your dog joint supplements is the best way to prevent those future … Read more

Hands-on with the new Platypod eXtreme: Digital Photography Review

The Platypod Extreme, with hinged legs gripping a log and a Platyball Ergo head (not included) attached on top. Platypod (noun)/ plæt̬.ɪ.pɑːd / A compact camera support system for heavy loads; useful when a tripod is too big or bulky. The name Platypod is derived from the Greek πλατυποδια (platy-podia), meaning ‘flat feet’. eXtreme (adjective) … Read more

Adobe brings to Premiere Pro and After Effects

This morning, Adobe announced a series of updates for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. Leading off is built-in review and approval tools with, which is included as a part of both programs. Integrated reviews and collaboration with’s professional, easy-to-use workflow lets you share a link to your video or composition with … Read more

How To Save Rotting Snake Plants

Snake plants have been quite popular among homeowners for decades. They are easy to care for, with attractive green foliage that can bring color to any room. Pin Unfortunately, two great plagues have threatened snake plants over the years. The first is the genetic sequencing that led to these plants being officially renamed from Sansevieria … Read more

Duovox Mate Pro Camera Can Capture Full Color in Near Pitch Darkness

The Duovox Mate Pro night vision camera promises the ability to capture full-color photos and videos in near-complete darkness. It fulfills that promise as a fun, if not limited, tool. The new Mate Pro aims to “replace traditional black-and-white infrared night vision devices,” according to Duovox founder David Chen. Targeted toward nighttime adventurers, campers, and … Read more