Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio: Product photography made easy

I have tried many light boxes for product photography and have never been satisfied with the results. So, when Ombar reached out and asked if I would like to test the Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio, I agreed but wasn’t expecting much. However, I have been pleasantly surprised, and my opinion about light boxes has changed.

Note: Ombar sent us the 24″x24″ Light Box to review and keep. However, all thoughts and opinions in this review are our own, and we have not been swayed in any way. We tell you this upfront as we always want to be honest with our readers.


  • Fantastic even lighting
  • Power and light temperature controls
  • Good quality backgrounds are included
  • Multiple openings allow for easy access
  • Collapsible for easy transport and storage
  • Very affordable


  • The diffusion panel sits close to the warm LEDs
  • The top opening needs to be slightly larger

Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio Light Box — Technical specifications

The technical specifications for the Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio Light Box are from the main listing page on Amazon:

  • 240 LED lights
  • 150-6000 lumen
  • Adjustable color temperature of 3000-6500K
  • CRI 90+, no flicker
  • Waterproof PCV material background in 5 colors (white/black/orange/vermilion/red)
  • The high-density polyester coating can reflect up to 99% of light

Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio — Ergonomics and build quality

The Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio has surprised me regarding the overall fit and finish and ergonomics. I will be honest and say that I’m not entirely sure what the Ombar Light Box is made of. However, the materials — which feel like vinyl — are pleasant to the touch and have stood up to me pushing, pulling and overwise not being very gentle with them.

In a studio setting, you’re not going to have anything to worry about when it comes to the build quality of the light box unless you introduce sharp objects into the mix. All of the panels feel sturdy, the zippers all operate smoothly, the flaps are nicely secured, and the Velcro does a good job holding the light box together. I’ve had the Photo Studio set up for three weeks now and it’s still standing strong.

Around the back of the Ombar Photo Studio, you’ll find a pouch where you can store cables and the power supply. There’s even a dedicated pouch for a tripod. The control panel is generic, with just two dials that control light output and temperature. The LEDs are secured to the top panel and haven’t been budged.

Overall, the Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio feels well made. It’s not the most luxurious product you’ll ever set your hands on, but it’s good enough to stand up to constant use.

Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio Light Box — Ease of use

The Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio is incredibly easy to use. The Photo Studio arrives flat-packed, but you can get it up and running in just a few minutes. You open up the panels, line up the Velcro on each side, push the edges of the panels together, connect the power connectors to the control box, plug it in, and the Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio is ready to go. It collapses just as quickly as well. You can set it up, take your product images and pack it all away in minutes.

Inserting and removing the PVC backdrops is a piece of cake as well. One end of the backdrop has Velcro tabs attached. Inside the box, there are two Velcro tabs that the backdrops attach to at the top of the back panel. Then, you simply slide the leading edge of the backdrop into a flap at the front of the Photo Studio. Changing out the backdrops can be completed in under a minute. So, the Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio is easy enough to set up and be used by anyone, with any camera, including smartphones.


Ombar 24"x24" Photo Studio
The control box looks like it’s straight from the 80s. Still, it’s functional.

The control panel looks like it arrived fresh from the 80s. There are just two dials on the main control box. One dial controls the power of the light from 0 to 100%. The second dial controls the temperature of the light. The dials turn easily enough to dial in temperature and power precisely. Further down the power cable, you’ll find another small box that houses the main power switch. The controls are not pleasing to look at, but they work.


There are several openings on the Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio. These openings allow you to shoot your images from multiple angles pretty easily. I generally left the whole front panel open. However, you can close it and open a smaller opening with the zippers on the front panel. The opening is small, so you don’t have as much creative freedom, but options are good.

You’ll find a flap on the top of the Photo Studio too. The top panel will allow you to take top-down/flat-lay-style photos. I wish the opening on the top of the light box was bigger. I constantly found myself capturing the edges of the cutout in my images. Still, you can create excellent photos this way.

Quality of light

The Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio excels when it comes to light quality. Previous experiences with light boxes left a sour taste in my mouth, but the Ombar Photo Studio has restored my faith. When I shoot product images, I bounce flash with a Godox V1 or pull out a big strobe. If I took a product shot with either of those two lights and then took an image made in the Photo Studio and placed them side-by-side, it would be hard to tell the difference.

The LEDs are nice and bright when at full power. The temperature control allows you to set kelvin between 3000-6500K, which is a nice touch. The 240 LEDs produced lovely, even light with no harsh shadows even without the diffusion panel in place. The even light comes courtesy of the reflective material that lines the inside of the Ombar Photo Studio.

You can use the diffusion panel if you wish. It attach simplyes to the roof of the box via Velcro. However, I found that the LEDs get rather hot, and the diffusion panel sits very close to them. So I decided against using it. However, even without it, you’ll get very pleasing results.

Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio Light Box — Product photography made easy

Ombar 24"x24" Photo Studio

The Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio Light Box is an excellent item that will allow photographers of all skill levels to create well-lit product photos. The box is easy to set up, the lights are easy to control, the backdrops change out quickly, and the box folds down flat for easy storage and travel.

There’s enough space inside the $106 24″x24″ version for you to use props along with your main subject. If you don’t need a light box this big, you can opt for the cheaper 12″x12″ version, which costs $36.99, or if you need more space, you can pick up the bigger 32″x32″ version for $135.59.

Apart from a few minor quibbles — mainly about the top opening and the diffusion panel — I have nothing negative to say about the Ombar 24″x24″ Photo Studio Light Box. So, if you want to create hassle-free product images, even with your smartphone, you should look at this Photo Studio from Ombar.

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