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Title Bundle Association Retail Value Short Description Perfecting the Headshot Main Bundle $299.99 This tutorial goes through Peter Hurley’s industry changing headshot workflow including, lighting, shooting, and coaching subjects. Find the Shot Main Bundle $297.00 Learn how to enter any scenario and quickly identify shooting angles and pre-visualise the final shot. Shooting Golden Hour Scenes Main Bundle $117.00 Photographing and Editing Golden Hour Scenes. Mastering Landscape Photography Main Bundle $100.00 Mastering landscape photography. JD Looking Glass Presets Complete Collection Main Bundle $99.99 Instantly balance and add fine-art tones to your backlit portraits and landscape shots. Just Peachy Main Bundle $199.00 Don’t miss out on learning Shannon’s award winning editing technique. Flash!Back, Volume II Main Bundle $99.00 A video tutorial on how photographer and Lightroom Certified Expert Piet Van den Eynde lit and edited ten of his favorite flash photos. Dramatic Black & White Landscapes Main Bundle $49.00 In this tutorial series Nick shows you his process to create a dramatic and impactful Black and White Landscapes in Photoshop. Photoshop for Beginners Main Bundle $29.00 12 essential techniques and concepts that you need to know to get started using Photoshop. 25 Easy Portrait Retouching Techniques Main Bundle $29.00 Join Scott Kelby as he shows you 25 quick and easy portrait retouching techniques designed with photographers in mind. Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom Classic & Image Cleanup in Photoshop Main Bundle $138.00 Tim Gray’s Courses help you restore order & learn a variety of techniques for removing visual distractions. Learning to See: A Photographer’s Guide Main Bundle $30.00 This book teaches readers to learn to see, because in the end, that’s what a photographer does: notice what other people often miss. Erik Kuna’s Sky Replacements Main Bundle $19.99 Enhance your evening/night landscape and travel images with these 12 beautiful milky way and twilight photographs, taken by Erik Kuna! Landscape Photography Course for Beginners Main Bundle $49.00 Learn the basics of landscape photography with adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj. Filmed in the breathtaking scenery of Norway. Mermaid Tail Overlays & Fairy Wing Overlay Collection Main Bundle $99.98 Create magical fairy and mermaid composites for your clients! Something From Nothing – 2 & Start to Finish – 3 Main Bundle $118.00 Make something from nothing & Learn how to accomplish a unique vision in post. Lightroom Masterclass Main Bundle $49.00 After taking the class you will be able to unlock your RAW images and show their full potential. Photographing the Milky Way Main Bundle $69.00 Learn how to photograph and edit three different Milky Way photos. Single exposure, stacked and panorama. Cityscapes Masterclass Main Bundle $97.00 Learn the exact technique I use on all my photos before I submit to galleries and publishers around the globe. FujiLove Magazine Main Bundle $109.45 Number one digital publication for Fujifilm X and GFX users. Photo Manipulation Essentials Main Bundle $147.00 CREATE AMAZING PHOTO MANIPULATIONS! Achieve Hollywood Quality! Stand Out! Main Bundle Total $2,245.40 Milky Way Made Easy Pro Bundle $275.00 This course dives deep to explain basic and advanced techniques in shooting the Milky Way. Frequency Separation Retouching Pro Bundle $149.00 Learn Professional Retouching. Boris FX Optics Pro Bundle $99.00 Optics is the ultimate photo editing plugin for cinematic lighting & visual effects. Designed by Academy-award winning developer, Boris FX. NOTE: Your purchase is for a 1-year subscription. Retail value $99. Compositing for Portraits in Photoshop Pro Bundle $149.00 Take your portraits to the next level with creative composites! Learn how to add elements, swap backgrounds, and more! The 5-Day Real Estate Photographer Pro Bundle $97.00 The 5-Day Real Estate Photographer will teach you everything you need to know about shooting and editing Real Estate Photos! Lightroom Masks: Unlock the Potential Pro Bundle $49.95 Here you’ll learn how to maximize the effectiveness of the Masking and Range Mask Panel in order to create powerful local adjustments. A Simple Guide to Woodland Photography Pro Bundle $69.00 A 50+ eBook on improving your woodland photography. Artistry 7 Pro Bundle $130.00 ARTISTRY7: Paint & Grunge FX for Photoshop includes digital art effects: Acrylic Art, Powder Paint 2, Watercolor3, and Grunge FX Builder. JD Sisters and Friends Tutorial and Tools Pro Bundle $34.99 Create a dark and dramatic portrait edit — using only natural light! Sunflower Newborn Digital backgrounds Pro Bundle $34.99 Get creative with sunny and bright sunflower field newborn digital backgrounds. Lumi32 Plugin & the Mastering Lumi32 Course Pro Bundle $79.98 Lumi32 allows you to bring the creation of luminosity masks to a level never seen before and comes with comprehensive video tutorials. Mastering the Adjustment Brush Tool Pro Bundle $29.00 The Adjustment Brush is the tool to take your editing to the next level! Advanced Portrait Editing Techniques Pro Bundle $29.00 Take your Photoshop and Lightroom Classic portrait workflow to the next level! Launching Mini-Sessions Like a Pro Pro Bundle $97.00 Tips, tools, and time-saving tricks for offering minis. Realistic Sky Replacement Complete Workflow Pro Bundle $119.00 Learn how to replace the skies in your picture using the replacement sky tool in photoshop together with a complete realistic workflow. Pro Bundle Total $1,441.91 Creative Photography Concepts Charity Bundle $597.00 Planning & executing a creative shoot can be intimidating Learn the process from planning all the way thru creating portraits that impress! Web Sharp Pro Panel Charity Bundle $29.00 Web Sharp Pro panel is the easiest way to share your beautiful images. The Thriving Artist Method Charity Bundle $297.00 LEARN THE SECRETS BEHIND HOW TO PROFITABLY SELL YOUR ART ONLINE! Exposure Blending Master Course Charity Bundle $79.00 This comprehensive course includes 7+ hours of videos, RAW files, written summaries, quizzes, PDF workflow summaries, and much more. My 50 Favorite Photo locations 3D MAP Charity Bundle $48.00 Get access to the exact location of all 50 of my favorite photo spots from England, Scotland, Wales, The Faroes, Iceland, Norway and others. Creative Blurs Charity Bundle $19.00 Learn how to use a variety of techniques to produce creative motion blur effects in your photos. The Art of Digital Blending Charity Bundle $44.99 This world-renowned luminosity mask course, The Art of Digital Blending will show you the power of exposure blending. Wedding Photography 101 Charity Bundle $197.00 This incredible in-depth course takes the mystery out of wedding photography and teaches you the right process to capture wedding stories! Lightroom Sunset Workflow Tutorial Charity Bundle $40.00 Just over 2 hours of instruction is included in this complete start to finish workflow tutorial video using Adobe Lightroom. Charity Bundle Total $1,350.99 Lightroom Fix plus Lightroom Presets Bonus Bundle $199.00 In the Lightroom Fix, you’ll learn to MASTER Lightroom to transform your pics from normal to exceptional just like the pros do. The Ultimate Hyperlapse Course & Timelapse Cheat Sheet Bonus Bundle $146.00 The Ultimate Hyperlapse Course teaches you everything you need to know about planning, shooting, and editing world-class hyperlapse shots. Joshua Tree Start to Finish Bonus Bundle $60.00 A start-to-finish tutorial using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom with 2.5 hours of instruction. Product Delivery Acknowledgment Bonus Bundle $99.00 Use this product delivery acknowledgment when you deliver your final products that binds the client to accepting their products. 6 Issues of Photoshop User Magazine Bonus Bundle $59.70 Photoshop User is THE Magazine for Photoshop and Lightroom Users. Bonus Bundle Total $563.70 Iluminación Avanzada Spanish Bonus Bundle $149.00 El curso de Iluminación avanzada más completo que encontrarás en español. EL RÍO Y LA MONTAÑA Spanish Bonus Bundle $99.00 Atrevete a realizar el viaje completo para culminar una fotografía desde el inicio hasta el final, pasando por la visión de la cámara. Dark Processing and Mastering the Mood ESP Spanish Bonus Bundle $99.00 Dark Processing Masterclass es una colección de vídeos formativos sobre la edición de fotografía de paisaje con un “aspecto oscuro y una atm. El retroto – Guía de inicio Spanish Bonus Bundle $34.95 En este curso aprenderás las principales claves para iniciarte en el retrato: técnica, iluminación, composición y dirección de personas. Fotografiando La Costa: La Guía Completa Spanish Bonus Bundle $147.00 Aprende todo lo que debes de dominar para realizar fotografías de costa con garantías de seguridad y éxito en todas las situaciones posibles. Spanish Bonus Bundle Total $528.95

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