How to Turn Your Winter Camping Setup Into a 5-Star Retreat

When we say the words ‘winter camping,’ your mind may not jump to luxury (or even comfort). We sympathize — freezing temps, snow everywhere, and blistering wind when you drop trou is not necessarily what we’d label as bougie. But who says being cold needs to be the essence of winter camping?

With the goal of finding out what could make the least camped-in season a bit more high-end, we ventured into the cold to test some Kim K.-worthy winter camping gear. Through snow and cold, we compiled this list of lavishly lovely cold-weather products to turn your winter camping experience into a five-star luxury getaway.

Here, we’ve got suggestions for everything from apparel to shelter, from the camp kitchen to the camp loo, plus accessories aplenty to keep you protected from sun, wind, and snow.

One note: This isn’t a list of bare-bones winter camping essentials; Instead, it’s gear that encapsulates the “glamping” experience, just, well, for the cold.

5-Star Winter Camping Gear

16-Foot Fernweh Bell Tent

Nothing says luxury like having a tent bigger than your bedroom, and that’s why we love the Fernweh Bell Tent. Not only is it made of waterproof Army duck canvas, but it’s also crafted to house a home wood-burning stove that’ll keep you toastier than a toasted piece of toast. The Fernweh will make the cities of slickers feel comfortable when camping in the cold.

Check price at Life in Tents

Therm-a-Rest Polar Ranger Sleeping Bag

Thermarest Polar Ranger Sleeping Bag -20F

How can you not feel comfortable in a sleeping bag with armholes? (Coffee in bed, anyone?) Not only does the Therm-a-Rest Polar Ranger’s name make us feel badass, but it was also designed with polar explorer Eric Larsenwhich does in fact make it badass.

Rated to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, the Polar Ranger has 800-fill hydrophobic down — perfect for snowy adventures. Crafted with RDS (responsible down standard) down, the snorkel hood allows for great ventilation while a foot-warmer pocket will make you forget it’s winter.

Check Price at Therm-a-Rest

Expedition DeepSleep Mat Duo 7.5 LW+

 Expedition DeepSleep Mat Duo 7.5

If you thought a good night’s sleep was impossible in freezing temps, we’re happy to prove you wrong. The Expedition DeepSleep Mat won’t keep you awake with that classic sleeping pad crunch, while its brushed 75-denier fabric is splendidly soft against the skin.

When looking at warmth, the R-Value of a sleeping pad is its ability to resist heat flow, and the higher the number, the warmer the pad. While many sleeping pads come in between 1 and 6, DeepSleep’s R-Value is a hefty 8.5, meaning it’ll keep you comfortable down to a balmy -45.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

If that isn’t luxe enough for you, the rechargeable Exped Widget Pump (which doubles as a lantern and battery pack) makes lightheadedness from blowing up sleeping pads a thing of the past.

Check Price at REICCheck Price at Backcountry

Rumpl Everywhere Mat

Rumpl Everywhere Mat
The Rumpl Everywhere Mat adds extra comfort to your camp; (photo/Katie Botwin)

Rumpl is famous for snuggle-worthy down blankets, of which the Featherlite It is an incredible addition to your plush winter camping quiver. Famed blankets aside, we’re here to introduce you to the Everywhere Mat.

Perfect for acting as a camp carpet at the entrance to your tent or in your camp kitchen, the Everywhere Mat has a durable waterproof bottom, which means your winter campground just gained a cozy (and stain-resistant) floor.

Check Price at BackcountryCheck Price at Rumpl

Sequoias Club Large Chair

Stoic Sequoias Club Large Chair
The insulated Sequoias Club Large Chair by Stoic will keep you cozy at any temps; (photo/Katie Botwin)

Reading a book outside may not be your go-to during winter, but it will be with the Sequoias Club Large Chair. This insulated chair is big enough to curl up in, and the insulation will keep you snuggly when the temps drop. With “large” in its name, this extra-large camping chair is the perfect durable chair to elevate your winter camping setup.

Pro tip: Pair with the Rumpl Featherlite and you might forget you’re outside.

Check Price at Stoic

Snow Peak Jikaro Firering Set

Jikaro Firering Set

If cooking over a fire speaks to your heart, then the Jikaro Firering Set It was beautifully crafted for you. This setup isn’t just a fire pit, it’s also a gathering space for your campmates to enjoy in luxury.

The Takibi Fire & Grill allows for a durable stainless steel cooking setup, while the Bamboo IGT Table and Firering Table create the perfect place to kick your feet up after a long day in nature. All of this while being sleek and aesthetically flawless, the Jikaro Firering Set takes campfires to the next level.

Check price at Snowpeak

CampChef Guy’s Pro90X Bundle


If cooking over a fire doesn’t speak to your heart, lucky for you we’ve found Guy’s Pro90x Bundle from CampChef. This is Guy Fieri’s go-to cook set for camping setups. A three-sided windscreen and matchless ignition mean winter wind can’t keep you from your coffee, and easy folding legs make packing and unpacking seamless.

The Pro90X bundle also includes a two-burner BBQ box, a one-burner fry griddle, a 12-inch cast iron skillet, and a chef’s utensil set — it’s easy to see how this kit is Guy Fieri worthy (and if it’s good enough for Guy, it’s probably good enough for us).

Check price at CampChef

Wyoming whiskey

Wyoming whiskey
(Photo/Katie Botwin)

Let’s be honest, nothing warms us up more than a flask of whiskey around the campfire. That’s why we had to throw the National Parks Limited Edition Whiskey by Wyoming whiskey in here.

Wyoming Whiskey partnered with the National Park Foundation, which means when drinking this whiskey you’re really honoring our National Pparks. What better way to feel a little fancy than by drinking a beautifully distilled National Park-themed whiskey?

Check Price at Wyoming Whiskey

Primus CampFire Prep Set

 Primus Campfire Prep Set

We are here to upgrade every aspect of your winter camping experience, and that includes making dining outside an exquisite affair. Primus tried to take outdoor meals to the next level with this set, and we have officially swooned.

The brand’s CampFire Prep Set Comes with elegant cookware including a stainless steel knife, a grater, and wooden cooking utensils — all invented in Sweden (they know design). Once cooked, you can dine with sleek bulletwood and brass CampFire Chopsticks. Get ready for a Michelin experience in the woods.

Check price at Amazon

Fjallraven Expedition Down Jacket

Fjallraven Expedition Down Jacket

Elevating your winter camping gear doesn’t stop at hard goods. What you layer in can make or break your experience. Jackets can take a basic, cold adventure and transform it into an upscale, luxury experience.

Due to a unique offset down fabric construction, the Fjallraven Expedition Down Jacket Your body’s happy place will be when camping in winter. Ethically produced goose down keeps you warm, and with a jacket long enough to cover your bum, cold breezes are a thing of the past.

Check price at REI

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Stretchable Pants

Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Pants - Women's

When we think winter luxury, we think down. Everywhere. With a stretch-woven fabric and 700-fill, RDS-certified down, the Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Pants are our new faves, and you’ll feel swanky (and warm) the moment you throw them on.

A zippered front fly, hand pockets, and webbed belt make these next-level pants feature full, and the stretch fabric their name comes from makes movement easy. Warm, stylish, and comfortable? You’ll find us wearing these winter camping, grocery shopping, and everything in between.

Check Price at REICCheck Price at Backcountry

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Julbo Cham Sunglasses

Julbo Cham Mountain Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes isn’t just a luxury in winter, it’s a must. Squinting and snow-blindness are nowhere to be found when wearing the Julbo Chams. A non-slip nose pad along with a buttery soft temple material means constant comfort and no sticking to your hair.

Side shields protect your eyes from snow reflection while the Chams’ iconic, vintage look will make you feel like Kim K. at a runway show. Yes, these are beautifully crafted glasses that will ensure you feel and look good, but they’ll also keep your eyes happy and protected. Win-win.

Check price at Amazon

icebreaker MerinoFine Long Sleeve Roll Neck and Merino Thermal Leggings

Ice Breaker MerinoFine Long Sleeve Roll Neck

Staying warm is a priority when sleeping in snowy weather, and icebreaker MerinoFine Base Layers are taking body heat to the next level. Made from 100% merino wool, these layers are naturally odor-resistant and help regulate your body temperature. Hey, nothing says luxury like not being quite as stinky.

The MerinoFine has 15.5-micron merino fibres that make these base layers so velvety you won’t want to take them off. Thankfully, they are odor-resistant, so you won’t have to.

Check Roll Neck Price at icebreakerCheck Leggings Price at icebreaker

Kelty Discovery H2GO

Discovery H2Go

The Kelty Discovery H2GO is making cold bums a thing of the past. When nature calls, the Discovery gives you privacy from folks (we see you, stage-fright companions) and provides protection from the elements.

Steel poles mean it won’t blow over while you’re in it, and a mesh ceiling provides ventilation, along with a separate fly so you’ll never get wet, unless you didn’t make it to the Discovery in time!

Check Price at REICCheck Price at Backcountry

Winter camping may not be synonymous with luxury (though hopefully, we’ve proven that it can be!). That said, there is no reason for folks to keep camping off their winter activities list. We hope this list of luxury winter products will keep you camping — and comfortable — even in the coldest season.

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