Five great camera bags for adventurous urbex photographers

Aside from cameras and lenses, there’s simply no piece of equipment more important than a camera bag. Of course, there are camera bags for photographers from all walks of life; However, today, we will look at a few great camera bags for urbex photographers.

First of all, what is urbex photography? Urbexing is growing in popularity, and to explain it would be for me to say that urbexers like to explore urban environments, particularly environments that have been abandoned. So, think of derelict buildings and areas generally inaccessible to the public. While photographers who participate in this genre do so at their own risk, the rewards for exploring such sites can be huge. However, if you plan on doing this type of photography, we urge you to proceed rapidly.

So, what makes the bags listed below great for urbex photographers? The bags below are not overly huge, yet they can still carry a large amount of gear. The camera bags below are also rugged enough to survive being in wet, damp and filthy areas. The bags also offer plenty of protection to your gear thanks to thick padding and well-thought-out designs. So, let’s check them out.

Hex Back Loader Backpack V2 — Stylish, affordable and perfect for Urbex photographers

After reviewing the Hex Back Loader Backpack V2, I was so blown away by the bag that it became my daily driver. The Hex Back Loader Backpack V2 is a bag designed for modern photographers who like to be prepared for anything and everything. There’s enough room in the bag to carry multiple cameras and lenses, a laptop or tablet, a tripod and more. Here’s what we said in our review:

“The Hex Back Loader V2 has oodles of space on the inside. Open up the clamshell of the bag and you’ll find the main gear compartment. There’s enough room for two non-gripped DSLRs or two mirrorless cameras, a large assortment of lenses, and even some flash units.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

Not only is the Hex Back Loader Backpack V2 capable of carrying lots of gear, but it’s also extremely comfortable. I’ve used this bag for hours during numerous sessions and always felt comfortable. I’ve also never had issues accessing my gear. The Back Loader V2 Backpack is perfect for urbex photographers thanks to its overall size, ease of use and water-repellent materials. You get a lot of camera bag for under $200.

PGYTECH OneGo Shoulder Bag (6L / 10L) — A minimalist bag for Urbex photographers

urbex photographers

The PGYTECH OneGo Shoulder bags didn’t take long to leave a lasting impression on me when they came in for review. These bags are available in 6L and 10L sizes and carry far more gear than you think. In addition, their clamshell design makes them easy to use, and the easily-configurable interiors can be made to fit your equipment. Here’s what we said about the bags in our review.

“If you want to travel light with just one camera and a lens or two, the 6L version will be plenty. I can see many street photographers leaning toward this bag thanks to its size and versatility. The 10L version allows photographers from hobbyists to work professionals to carry more gear. Especially those who use APS-C and Micro Four Thirds systems. Still, it can easily be used by photographers who use full-frame cameras as well. This bag is well suited to both urban and wild environments.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

The 6L and 10L versions of the PGYTECH OneGo Shoulder bag can carry a camera and multiple lenses, though you’ll get more mileage out of the 10L version. The 6L can hold a small tablet, while the 10L will hold a small laptop like the 13.3-inch MacBook Air. Both have the same clamshell design that opens wide and makes accessibility easy. There are numerous pouches in both bags for batteries, storage cards, cables, etc. They’re a perfect size for those who like to go urbexing.

Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack — One of the most versatile camera bags around

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If you’re looking for a small, light bag that can carry a surprising amount of gear, the Manfrotto Street Slim backpack could be your bag. Designed for photographers who spend their time photographing the streets in bustling cities or abandoned buildings, the Street Slim looks and feels great. In our full review, I said:

“If you’re a creator who likes to head out around town with a camera and just a few lenses, and maybe a small drone, the Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack will be right up your alley. You won’t stick out like a sore thumb while wearing it and you won’t have to break the bank to own one.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

The Manfrotto Street Slim can hold a full-frame mirrorless camera, a 24-70mm f/2.8 and a few smaller primes. There’s even room for a 13-inch laptop. A decent-sized accessory compartment can also hold books, a small piece of clothing and other small items. It can even convert into a day bag! The Street Slim from Manfrotto is a super versatile camera bag that can be yours for around $100!

Gura Gear Kiboko City Commuter — Rugged, easy to use and comfortable

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The newest camera bag (at the time of writing) that has been designed for those who love to explore the city and go Urbexking is the Gura Gear Kuboko City Commuter. This bag has been built tough so that it can withstand any abuse urban environments throw at it, and it sports a great roll-top design, which gives creators more flexibility when it comes to carrying gear. In our review, we said:

“The materials are durable and rugged, the magnetic clasps are strong and work well, and the roll top design gives you even more space for gear, snacks, books, and whatever else you want to carry. It’s a well-designed bag that will serve city dwellers well.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

This camera bag from Gura Gear can hold a ton of equipment, including multiple camera bodies and lenses, a spare hoodie in the roll top compartment, books, snacks, and more. Most importantly, this camera bag is incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods. If you’re heading out into the urban jungle and want a bag that will protect you and your back, check out the City Commuter from Gura Gear.

Hex Ranger DSLR Sling XL — Not too big, and not too small

The Hex Ranger Sling, in our eyes, is the Goldilocks of camera bags for Urbex photographers. Not only is this sling stylish, thanks to its camo design (you can get different colors or a plain black version), but it’s also very practical thanks to its smart use of space. In our review, we said:

“The Hex Ranger DSLR Sling XL camera bag, for me, hits the sweet spot in a bag. It is large for a sling but small for a backpack, filling a void. It’s large and well-designed enough that I would not be surprised if many photographers used this instead of a traditional camera backpack. Best of all, it’s well-designed and well-made. Hex stated that they listened to photographers in creating a new design, and it seems to show. It’s elegantly designed and seems durable.”

Ken Lee

At under $150, the Hex Ranger Sling won’t break the bank. The bag offers plenty of protection for the gear you place inside it. The air mesh allows the bag to breathe, so you stay nice and cool. The straps are comfortable, and you can fit more than enough gear inside to make your Urbex adventure memorable. The bag will also protect your equipment from the rain, thanks to its water-resistant exterior.

Hex Ranger Crossbody — It won’t get in the way of your Urbex endeavors

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The Hex Ranger Crossbody is the smallest of the camera sling bags featured in this roundup. However, this mini bag can hold more than you think. Perfect for point-and-shoot and compact system cameras, the bag can also hold accessories, your phone and more. It’s an ideal bag for urbexers and street photographers. In our review, we said:

“The camera bag is comfortable to wear, the pockets are easy to access, and you’ll look stylish wearing it. As mentioned above, this could be the perfect camera bag for urban explorers and street photographers, thanks to the bag’s small size and rugged build.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

On top of being a tough little camera bag, the Hex Ranger Crossbody is incredibly affordable. If you’re looking for a small bag that will not get in the way of your urban exploring and won’t break the bank (it costs less than $50), you need to check out this option from Hex.

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