I’ll Love You Forevermore – Nikon FM2

I’ve been around cameras for as long as I can remember. Most of them were (or rather are) classic vintage cameras from my maternal grandfather’s arsenal. He wasn’t a professional photographer, but he could give most of them a run for their money. And if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t have become a … Read more

How to Pitch an Article to Fstoppers

At Fstoppers we love having our readership contribute articles to the site. There is a dedicated link on our contact page that makes it easy to send in your pitch. Your suggestion is sent to all of the Fstoppers writers and this gives you many opportunities for someone to find your pitch interesting and have … Read more

Nikon reveals its new $6,500 800mm F6.3 VR S super telephoto lens for Z-mount cameras: Digital Photography Review

Nikon has announced the Nikkor Z 800mm F6.3 VR S, a (relatively) compact super telephoto lens that comes in at roughly 48% lighter and 16% shorter than its F-mount counterpart thanks to the use of a Phase Fresnel (PF) element. The new lens is constructed of 22 elements in 14 groups, including one PF element, … Read more

Lensrentals disassembles the Panasonic S Pro 70-200mm F4 OIS amid autofocus issues: Digital Photography Review

Image credit: Lensrentals The team at Lensrentals rents a lot of camera equipment. This gives the team an interesting perspective and provides them with a large enough sample size to notice if any cameras or lenses are more likely to exhibit certain issues. Even good lenses can show problems given extensive use by many different … Read more