Athlon Optics Argos BTR Gen2 1-8x24mm SFP IR

Adam Scepaniak 04.14.22 When it comes to running a modern sporting rifle – or what many more commonly call an AR-15 – the king of optics is the LPVO (Low-Powered Variable Optic). The age-old debate of whether or not you should use a red dot versus a traditional riflescope gets put to rest when an … Read more

Wolf Populations Continue to Grow in Washington State

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife released its 2021 Annual Wolf Report on Saturday. The report shows that Washington’s wolf population has grown for the 13th consecutive year, and it increased by 16 percent just last year. Working with tribal wildlife agencies, WDFW counted a total of 206 wolves in 33 packs across the … Read more

Shimano Groupset Hierarchy Explained: Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, and Gravel

Home » Biking » Shimano Groupset Hierarchy Explained: Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, and Gravel Whether evaluating a new bike or planning to upgrade one you already own, you’ll need to understand the various component specs. Shimano makes a wide range of groups across mountain, road, gravel, and commuter bike styles. They range in price from … Read more

Women’s Northside Kathmandu Winter Snow Boot

Adam Scepaniak 04.11.22 The seasons in Minnesota are not for the faint of heart. Our summers are sweetering, fall is resoundingly crisp, and winter is appallingly cold. You do not venture outside into the great white tundra of the outdoors unless you are properly fitted with attire; otherwise, you will be returning back indoors in … Read more

The Muddled Ethics of Long-Range Bowhunting

Hunter and content creator Josh Kirchner takes an honest look into the evolving world of long-range bowhunting. On a cold December morning, I sat up against a tree with my dad set up to my left and my first bow resting in my lap. There was ice forming between my hand and the bow, and … Read more