The Ruger Red Label: A Classic American Shotgun

In the early 1970s, Bill Ruger, co-founder of Sturm, Ruger, and Company, recognized a hole in the over/under shotgun market. At the time, most fine double-barrel shotguns were being imported to the US from Europe (as they had for decades). They were expensive and often unobtainable for working-class hunters. Keen on filling that void, Ruger … Read more

Triple Crown Hiker ‘Akuna’ Robinson Shares Trail Advice, His Next Adventures

Home » Footwear » Triple Crown Hiker ‘Akuna’ Robinson Shares Trail Advice, His Next Adventures Will ‘Akuna’ Robinson found salvation through hiking. Since then, he’s earned the Triple Crown and built a following around his good-vibes attitude and sharing his mental health healing. You know the metaphor: Put one foot in front of the other. … Read more

Moose Hunter Attacked by a Bear on the Nushagak

John Casteel has a damn good hunting partner. The 40-year-old Alaskan native spends plenty of time with his friend Chad Felts, commercial salmon fishing all summer and chasing moose together in the fall. But it wasn’t until two weeks ago that he got to see what his friend was really made of. On the evening … Read more

Dependable Carry – The Mauser Model 1914 Part III

Welcome, if you are a newcomer to this fun bi-weekly segment of! The last time around I covered the history and variations of a German pistol which was a small and quiet commercial success. In this article, we are closing out the Mauser Model 1914 and all of its quiet inside voice glory. Giving … Read more

AllOutdoor Review: 5.11 Tactical Single Rifle Case

Adam Scepaniak 09.21.22 When it comes to a lot of the gear we choose to outfit ourselves with most of it is rudimentary. We all likely own firearms which need ammunition, cleaning supplies, accessories (optics, slings, etc), and cases to store them in during travel. What makes a shooter feel great about a purchase is … Read more