How To Grow And Care For Philodendron Prince of Orange

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or are brand new to the wonderful world of philodendron (fil-oh-DEN-dron) hybrids, you’ve probably heard of the McColleys. Robert McColley is the creator of the famous Philodendron King of Spades. His wife Cora invented McColley’s Finale. Pin Many plants created by fellow Florida cultivator Howard N. Miller have … Read more

6 Tips for Better Interior Photos

The past four months I’ve been staying in many Airbnbs and hotels while traveling through Portugal, Costa Rica, and Panama. What I noticed while looking for accommodations were the often unprofessional photos those places use for their listings. Some were so bad that I directly skipped to the next listing, not even looking at the … Read more

Seeing Versus Shooting as a Photographer

The photographer Dorothea Lange once famously said “A camera is a device that teaches you to see without a camera.” I always loved this quotation. Once you get good at shooting, you start to see the world like a photographer — you notice things, you notice light, you look slower, you take pictures in your … Read more