Polartec Presents 12 ‘Apex Awards’ to Standout Gear Including Polartec Fabrics

Home » News » Polartec Presents 12 ‘Apex Awards’ to Standout Gear Including Polartec Fabrics Wondering what types of apparel, footwear, and beyond are using Polartec technology and fabrics in a unique way? Polartec created an annual award to suss out exactly that. This week, Polartec announced its 2022 Apex Award winners. Twelve brands — … Read more

The Important Work of Tamea Burd

Tamea Burd is a portrait photographer based in Vancouver who offers Wellness Sessions, a mixture of portrait photography and therapy aimed at making his clients feel at ease with themselves and the image they offer to the world. In this interview, we talk to him about this concept, why it’s needed, and what difference it … Read more

How to Encourage Orchids to Rebloom

Pretty much all of us have bought or received a potted orchid at some point, only to abandon it when the blooms have faded. Or at least we know someone who has. When we grow them as houseplants, orchids generally bloom for a few weeks or months and then they drop the flowers and they … Read more

How I Documented the Making of a Wedding Dress

Having been a wedding photographer for the past fifteen years, I’ve seen my fair share of white wedding dresses, but before focusing on weddings, I was fortunate enough to gain a little experience in the fashion industry, shooting for magazines, working backstage at fashion shows, covering both London and Paris Fashion Weeks. These early experiences … Read more

Best Duck Calls for Beginners

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn More › Published Dec 3, 2022 10:00 AM Calling in a big flock of mallards, working them hard on the edges, and then finishing them over the decoys is one of the most thrilling moments in all of … Read more

First Lite Tested Its Specter Camo for Whitetail Habitat in Every Season

We spoke with First Lite ambassadors about Specter camo’s inception, evolution, and utility for hunting year-round in whitetail habitat. First Lite spent 3 years tinkering with its whitetail-specific camouflage pattern, called Spectre. Its unique mix of patterns is designed to break up hunters’ silhouettes from afar and within shooting distance. “Deer see a lot of … Read more

8.6 Blackout Overview | Outdoor Life

What if you could have a 6-pound gun with a 16-inch barrel to hunt everything from whitetails to cape buffalo? And imagine it could shoot supersonic or quiet subsonic hunting ammo. That’s Kevin Brittingham’s vision for the 8.6 Blackout cartridge, and even though it’s still currently a wildcat, the new cartridge has already taken big … Read more