Happy Yak Camping Meals Review

Happy Yak sent me two of their product to try as they have recently started selling/shipping to the US. Two meals were sent for review: Thai Coco Soup and Moroccan Feast. I like eating nearly as well as most people enjoy breathing. There are few ingredients I believe are inherently terrible, and that the preparation … Read more

Are Bipods Worth the Weight on Mountain Hunts?

Shooting aids like bipods undeniably help a hunter build a more solid shooting position when they can be used, but are they really worth the weight in the mountains? I’ve hunted Dall sheep for many years, and there is a dichotomy that each mountain hunter must constantly reconcile—between helpful gear and the weight of that … Read more

Best Disposable Cameras in 2022

Once a staple of photography for the general populace, disposable (or “single-use”) cameras have become something of a niche — most people who never stopped shooting film or those younger audiences who are coming to it for the first time choose to use an affordable SLR or point and shoot camera. The image quality is … Read more

How to Fly with a Dog – Dogster

“Where are we going,” “which airline do we choose” and “where are we staying” are a few of the questions people ask themselves as they plan for a trip. However, for dog owners who enjoy (or would like to begin) traveling with their four-legged “children,” the question of “What is the best and safest way … Read more

11 of the Best Hens and Chicks Variety

1. Berry Blues You might see blue but you won’t feel that way when this deep-hued hens and chicks plant is spreading raucously across the ground in your backyard or within a rock garden. With blue-green foliage surrounding an almost burgundy center, Berry Blues™ reaches four inches tall and plants can produce offsets and spread … Read more