Dry Shade Plants That Thrive in Northern California

Gardening in dry shade is often considered a challenge, yet shade is actually a major plus for any gardener concerned with Northern California’s ongoing water concerns. Surprisingly, even though they may become slightly leggy and bloom with less abandon, many sun-tolerant plants perform well in the shade—and do so using less water. For example, several … Read more

The Unlikely Resurrection of Small Cameras

Technology often follows a path where it begins life large, slow, and expensive, and then gets smaller, faster, and cheaper as time passes. Digital cameras have not followed this trend for a number of reasons, and every time I think I can predict where the industry will go, a curveball is thrown. Cameras: Technology’s Anomaly … Read more

10 Great Rifles for Mountain Hunting

The right rifle is an absolute necessity during mountain hunts. Tyler Freel Being an avid sheep and mountain goat hunter here in Alaska, I’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly as far as mountain rifles are concerned. A mountain hunter needs a rifle that is reasonably lightweight, dependable, accurate, and impervious to foul weather. Every … Read more

A Journey to the Perfect Camera System

This one will be a subjective post, but I will not make it a praise piece for my camera brand of choice. Instead, I’m talking about the pain points that led me to a particular brand over any other. The camera system I use is not perfect for everyone. But for me, the pros of … Read more

Curious Relics #053: Bang, Bang, Ping!

Welcome, if you are a newcomer to this fun bi-weekly segment of AllOutdoor.com! The last time around I covered the history and variations of an American icon which is the M1 Garand. Today we are closing out the lovable hunk of American wood and steel. I apologize for the intentional vagueness the bullet point yielded … Read more

The .243 Winchester vs the .244 Remington

More than 65 years ago, two of the largest rifle and ammunition manufacturers unveiled two nearly identical cartridges that were instantly engaged in a titanic struggle for supremacy. Within just a few years, one emerged overwhelmingly victorious, leading to worldwide popularity, while the other suffered eventual obsolescence. Why one cartridge succeeded while an equally good … Read more

What is a Low-Pass Filter and How Does it Work?

Most digital cameras from the 2000s and 2010s are equipped with an optical element called an optical low-pass filter (OLPF), also known as an anti-aliasing (AA) or blur filter. As the name “filter” suggests, this optical element filters out some information coming from the imaged scene. Unlike an infrared filter, a low-pass filter operates on … Read more

What is Portrait Photography? (Simple) Helpful Guide

In this guide, I’ll be diving into portrait photography and its importance. More of a visual learner? Check out the video I made: What is portrait photography? Portrait photography is about capturing the essence, personality, identity and attitude of a person utilizing backgrounds, lighting and posing. While this definition may sound simple, portrait photography can … Read more